Reviews coming in fast and furious

I have to say, I’ve been a bit negligent in keeping my readership up on the latest reviews coming in for my books. Lately, they’ve been pouring in and they’ve been all quite good. I thought I would share some snippets with you all.

I Zombie I had this to say about I Zombie I:

Wow what a brilliant zombie novel and one with a twist or two!

Jacob Plummer is our main character, a journalist in Germany to cover the unveiling of a machine that will save our resources. However Jacob awakes to a blast and a world unlike anything he could have imagined. As a journalist he keeps a log of everything he experiences along the way.

The book goes at a pretty good pace, lots of gore to satisfy our horror fans and a few funnies along the way (along with blood, guts, gore and even budding relationships). Jacob finds himself flung into hero, survivalist and leader mode before having to make some tough decisions for the sake of himself and the survivors along the way.

What I really liked about this zombie movie is we have a how and a why to the outbreak and I have read many many zombies books and only one before this gave this. I could hardly put it down, definately for me a page turner and I will be buying the next installment when it is out. a 4 out of 5 for me.

A Blade Away has benefited from a number of outstanding reviews lately. Let’s grab some sneak peeks.

Bards and Sages had this to say:

A Blade Away is a fast-paced and well-plotted tale of a serial killer who victimizes the transgendered population of Louisville, Kentucky. On her first official homicide investigation, Jamie Davenport finds herself dealing with a sociopath who considers himself an artist and has taken it upon himself to bring “The Change” to the city’s fringe transgendered community. Author Jack Wallen does an excellent job of approaching the material in a way that is entertaining without being exploitive or artificially controversial. In particular, I’m a big fan of Skip Abrahm, a gay cop who serves as Jamie’s friend, mentor, and occasional partner. His struggle with keeping his orientation under wraps, as well as his frustration dealing with the bigotry exposed while trying to stop the killer, is authentic and adds a nice layer to the story.

One Amazon reader had this to say:

J.A. Konrath for the GLBT community

Like Konrath’s heroine, Wallen’s Jamie Davenport is a strong-willed police officer, but in A Blade Away officer Davenport faces a case like nothing her Chicago counterpart has ever seen. Someone is stalking Louisville’s crossdressing community, but with a motive far more dark and complex than mere malice.
With her ‘fabulous’ partner and a colorful supporting cast, Davenport must race against an unreasonable deadline set by her narrow-minded chief to catch a serial killer bent on something much more significant than murder.
Wallen weaves a complex and engaging tale with this thriller, and even the killer is sympathetic at times. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested something beyond the run-of-the-mill detective novel.

That’s all for now. I don’t want to give everything away. 😉 And don’t forget, Shero hits the stores this weekend! Everyone say it with me “You go girl!”