Review: The Walking Dead Season 2:1

When last we met our intrepid crew from The Walking Dead they were leaping from an exploding CDC. But more than that — the show itself was starting to slowly descend into too much feel-good family fluff about sisters and dolphin necklaces and too much concern for everything BUT the namesake of the series — the undead. With the ninty minute opening episode of season two all of that changed and the zombie horde came out in force.

That’s right — the zombie horde finally came out en masse and they are certainly pissed. The season two opener of The Walking Dead made it very clear, from the onset, it was not pulling any punches and that survival was the one true name of the game.

What really impressed me with this season opener was its unabashed attack on the average viewer sensitivities. As I watched I could imagine people turning away from the screen. With each crunch of bone, each snap of sinew those casual viewers were covering eyes and ears to try to escape the horror of the apocalypse.

Now THAT is how you begin zombie series.

But will it last? Will FX be able to continue the splash and crunch fest without losing viewing audience? Maybe not, but what they will do is please the fans they should be concentrating on — horror and zombie fans. Besides, let’s face it, outside of American Horror Story, there is no horror on network television (unless you count the horror that is reality TV — which I don’t.) So now WE have a show. And our show kicked its second season off with a bang it MUST continue.

That’s right…must. My fear for this season is that the show will once again bog itself down in romantic trysts, or other such sub-plots that don’t really further the undead universe.

Now, don’t get me wrong … I don’t wish the creators and writers of The Walking Dead to strip away everything but the survivalist/zombie aspect of the show. It needs depth and romance is a good way to give it depth. But just please don’t focus on the softer size of zombies! We want our gory cake and eat it too! We want apocalyptic hell bred from evil plots involving corporate greed and political upheaval!

Oh wait…I just described the I Zombie trilogy. 😉

If you were one of those fans of the series last year thinking it was just too little zombie action to hold your interests, get back to the series as fast as you can. Catch up on that first episode and get ready for the hayride to hit 100 miles per hour! The Walking Dead is back to zombie crushing goodness that is sure to please even the most discriminating zombie tastes.