Are you ready for some Shero III action?

Nope. Sorry…you’re simply not ready. How can I tell? Easy. You must be truly versed in the ways of Shero, in order to be fully prepped to bathe in the fabulous waters that is Shero. You have to…wait…maybe you are ready for Shero III: Death by Cosplay. Let’s find out.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is your narrator speaking. I have decided Shero III: Death by Cosplay is far too silly for human consumption, so I have removed it from existence.

As if.

Shero III: Death by Cosplay turns up the snark and pits Shero against a fangirl seamstress in league with the nastiest of villains — S.I.N.

Get your Little Black Battle Dress on and prepare for war, Shero style.



Gender attack!

Think you’re ready for the fabulous that is Shero III: Death by Cosplay? Why not I tempt you even more…