Random page: Shero

I thought this would be fun. I am going to pull a random page from one of my books and post it here. The book will be Shero (pick it up for .99 cents on Smashwords or you can purchase it on your Kindle, NOOK, or iPad). Read this random page and then purchase your copy to read the entire book. 😉

It was a chance he had to take. All he needed to do was get him to drop the bus so Shero could take him on man to man. He had to go for it.

Shero stuck his right hand out through the opening in the sun roof and took aim with his pinky. But just before he sent the nail flying loud chatter came over the SCD. It was Krunk. Krunk was in the area and was about to engage Kinetic. Great, ruin a girls’ plan.

No wait…this could work in Shero’s favor. Krunk was nothing more than a powerhouse. He could lift the bus being held hostage with his toes. All Shero had to do was time it correctly and Krunk would be at the ready (unwittingly of course) to catch the falling bus.

The plan was made on a whim but it had to work. Now if Krunk would just hurry his ass up and reach the point of conflict before Kinetic decided to up and drop the bus.

Shero waited patiently, his nails at the ready, for Krunk to pass through like the beefy-headed lummox he is.

Tick tock super girl! Tick tock.

Krunks raspy voice barked over the SCD – he was entering the war zone. He was breathing hard which meant he might be acting a bit careless. Krunk had a tendency to jump into the fray without thinking. Often this flaw would land him in serious trouble. Shero crossed his non-shooting fingers, hoping this would not be one of those times.

As soon as Krunk came into view Shero let loose his pinky-nail. He followed the nail as best he could. It wasn’t until Kinetic smacked his neck, as if bitten by a mosquito, that Shero knew he nailed him.

Pun totally intended.

But there was no effect. The bus continued hanging in mid-air. And there was Krunk about to beat everything to hell – or die trying. Instead of panicking Shero decided to his Kinetic with a full blast. He aimed both hands and let loose a full barrage of Power Drain Stain and held his breath.