Quick reviews from the boob tube

Do people even call the telly the “boob tube” still? Wait, are Americans allowed to call it the “telly” (or has that been copy-written by the British? Anyway, I thought I would slap down my two shekels worth of opinion on what I’ve seen so far with the new seasons and new shows. I’ll give you fair warning — I don’t watch reality TV, so if that’s your fare, read elsewhere.

How I Met Your Mother

My wife says I have a man-crush on Barny Stinson. Why wouldn’t I? The man is good looking, smooth (most of the time) and is played by the ever-fabu Neil Patrick Harris. And there’s Willow, er, Allyson Hannigan. That aside, the opening salvo of hilarity did not disappoint. Naturally I am not going to give anything away (*cough cough* cutie cupcake girl), but if you missed the first back to bakers, you missed a good amount of laughter.

Grade: A

The Middle

I’m from Indiana, so I kinda have to like this show. It’s really charming and how can you not love that lil’ charmer Brick? The season opener had the family going camping which was a parallel for the honeymoon of the husband and wife. There was an homage to Everybody Loves Raymond (a show I never really liked) wrapped up inside. Although the opener wasn’t the best I’ve seen from that show, it was cute and Axel had some pretty hilarious moments (cereal box shoes? Hello!)

Grade: B

Modern Family

This show came back with a sweet vengeance. This is one of those that no matter the theme of the show, there will be some gut splitters. The one hour of premier didn’t disappoint. Sticking those families on a dude ranch? Brilliant. And Sophia Vegara yelling “She’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain…” Double Brilliant!

Grade: A


What can I say — it’s one of my favorite shows. It’s X Files without the aliens, better acting, and better writing. Only now we have some major plottage going on and who knows what will happen to “ghost Peter” as he comes and goes. I love what Anna Torv is doing with Olivia and Fauxlivia.

Grade: A+

Big BangTheory

When they want out on the cliff hanger from last season, I thought there was no way they could top that. They did. This was one of the best Big Bangs yet. The moment between Walowitz and Kuthrapali playing with the remote kissing device cause me to nearly pee my jammies. This show simply can not miss.

Grade: A++


Last season I had almost had enough of this show.I don’t know…the appeal is wearing thing. But it looks like the’ve brought on some new talent and some crazy-ass plots that just might make this season a joy again. What they need is more Brittany. That girl is brilliant.

Grade: B

Raising Hope

Oh gods this show is funny. And the opening laugh-riot was proof that someone in TVland still knows how to create a show, put together JUST the right cast, and make it all work wonders. That’s what Raising Hope does. And having Martha Plimpton back on TV just makes me happy.

Grade: A

Two Broke Girls

Okay, I can’t remember a pilot episode that had me laughing as hard as this. Sure they could have blown their funny wad all in one episode, but I’m really doubting it. This show has one of two things written all over it: Long time huge hit or flame out and fade away. This one will either be around for the long haul or it won’t be able to reach the amazing bar it set for itself long enough to remain. Either way, this pilot gets…

Grade: A++

That’s all I got for now. I’m still anxiously awaiting the premiers for Boardwalk Empire, Bones, and Mike and Molly. Gods I watch too much TV. I need to change that habit. Hey, it’s all in the name of research and character study!