A question for my readers

Ladies and gentlemen of the Jack-verse, I have a Dog Star level question for you at this moment. It’s not a hard question (nor will you be graded on your response), but it’s one I’ve been pondering of late and decided maybe it would be best to reach out to those that matter the most — you.

Here’s the question. What should I write next? let me explain (before you think I’ve hit writer’s block). Die Zombie Die and Zombie Radio will be publishing in a couple of weeks. Once that is done I will be completing Endgame (the next Fringe Killer novel) and Shero II: Zombies and Bridesmaids. After that, it’s up in the air. Let me tell you what I have planned and you can respond with what you’d like to see written next:

  • The Book of Jacob: This is the next zombie series based on the I Zombie series (set 30 years after the fact). This series is set to go on for quite some time.
  • Clockwork Cabaret a Steam Punk series: I have the most important elements of the first book in this series ready to rock.
  • The next Fringe Killer book: Already have it planned out.
  • The next Shero book: Shero will always be around.
  • Dark Vampire parody: Based on the the short story I wrote for the Indie Eclective Halloween Collection.
  • A new horror series about a war between Heaven and Hell that puts everything we think we know on its head.

There’s plenty more, but those are the major works. I want you to give me some feedback. What would you like to see come out of my brain next? Comment on this post and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you so much readers, fans, friends, enemies, were-people, trannies, nuns, and anyone else in that eclectic mix I call love.