Violent Delights: Deadly Tidings Signed Paperback



Cover By Jack WallenChristmas time is here and there’s no rest for the wicked.

The snow is thick, the lights are twinkling, and under the mistletoe, murder is wrapped and ready. Aaron Kennedy is upping the ante to keep his dark beast at bay and his wives, Camille and Colette, are more than willing participants in his crimes against humanity. While the fire burns bright on the hearth, so too does their passion, and with every kill, their desires of the flesh grow stronger.

As the unholy trinity continues their rampage across Boston, detective Anton Frank finds himself suffering from impostor syndrome, while also falling deeper in love with his partner, Jean Barber. Along with their dear friend, Clara Beach, they struggle to uncover clues that might help them bring down the Boston Butcher before Santa Clause can work his magic on Christmas Eve.