Violent Delights: Deadly Lover Signed Paperback



Cover by Jack WallenLove and murder intertwine as Aaron Kennedy and Camille St. Jude welcome a deadly and delicious third wheel into their lives. As they ratchet up their kill count, they find the stakes higher and the pleasure greater.

All the while, a trio on the other side of the law are growing desperate to catch the Boston Butcher before more lives are lost, but with a killer as intelligent and careful as Kennedy, the Boston PD can’t seem to catch a break.

Detective Anton Frank knows every killer eventually makes a mistake. With his newfound love working the case with him, he’s certain it’s only a matter of time before they bring the Butcher to justice.

As the poisonous lovers sew their seeds of mayhem across the city, a pure, untainted romance seeks to bring their reign of depravity to an end.