Suicide Station: Signed Paperback


Personalized, autographed paperback copy of Jack Wallen’s Suicide Station.


Get your personalized, signed paperback copy of Jack Wallen’s “Suicide Station”.

Death is not the end of love.

The world of stand up comedy was too much for Foster Donovan. Leaving a note behind for his wife, he wrapped a noose around his neck…and changed his life by embracing death.

Turns out, the after life was nothing like he’d expected. Stations await those who’ve passed on. Who you were in life determines your “Forever Station”. Those who’ve taken their own lives will find themselves temporary residents of Suicide Station, where they receive counseling, friendship, and (for Foster) the prospect of love.

Candy. The very embodiment of beauty and grace…and she’s got eyes for our accidental hero.

Unfortunately, for Foster, the tether to his old life begs him to return. When he does manage to slip the bonds of death, Foster Donovan discovers a very different punch line.

Suicide Station is a paranormal romance with a twist even the Grim Reaper wouldn’t see coming.