Punk Ass Punk: Signed Paperback


Personalized paperback edition of Punk Ass Punk.



Get a personalized copy of Jack Wallen’s new crime thriller, Punk Ass Punk.

This government asset is so rogue, it’s punk!


Punk rock.

The NSA fights to keep such things at bay…until they run out of options. That’s exactly what has happened in their failed attempt to take down one of the most elusive drug lords on the planet. When government agent, Zed, has nowhere to turn, he looks to his favorite punk band, Punk Ass Punk, to lend their special talents to an operation with a hidden agenda.

When you can no longer never mind the bollocks, you strap on your combat boots, spike up your hair, and turn the espionage up to eleven.

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Dimensions 6 × 2 × 9.25 in