Ghosts of Brookhaven Signed Paperback



During its heyday, the Brookhaven Asylum suffered a steady stream of Tuberculosis deaths, horrible passings, gruesome to witness. This refuge for those dying souls became the perfect environment for spirits to congregate. Some deceased strive to serve a higher purpose; some simply want to exist in peace. But not all are blithe. When the veil is lifted and the malicious, vengeful spirits of the past begin to invade the present, it takes a very special soul to guide the living through the nightmare.

Betsy Potts is one such spirit. Crossing a threshold into the present, when the noble hospital has become a home for the Marchbanks family, the young victim of TB is not only faced with expelling a group of malevolent ghosts from the Brookhaven of old, but protecting a newfound friend from a different malignancy…one growing from within.