Are you prepared for the lies?

This coming weekend, the fourth installment of the I Zombie series goes live! That’s right, you can get your hands on the latest adventures of Bethany Nitshimi in a few short days. This particular release is of significance for a number of reasons. Shall we count the ways? Oh lets.

First, how’s about a description?

The I Zombie series continues!

Bethany Nitshimi is back and this time she has motherhood on her side. The creators of the Mengele Virus, the Zero Day Collective, continue to beat down the human race in order to reboot mankind. This time, however, the redhead badass with enough brain to feed the entire zombie horde has a new crew on her side. Along with the Zombie Response Team, a tween wrecking machine, a fellow elite hacker, and an attitude prepared to take on the zombie nation,  Bethany Nitshimi uses every trick in her post-apocalyptic book to fight back the new and improved horrors that await her on the other side of Hell.

Cover by Adorkable Designs

Now… how’s about a cover!

Of course, there are things in between the covers of interest. First and foremost — this marks the first time I have used any sort of real-life group or individuals to help along the story. In Lie Zombie Lie the Zombie Response Team not only make an appearance, but become significant players in the theatre du zombie. This was done, of course, with the blessing of Morgan Barnhart and Joshua Garcia (the founders of ZRT).

Lie Zombie Lie is also the most efficient book I have produced to date (The Screampark will soon blow that mark away though).

With each new release of the I Zombie series I grow more and more proud of the work. I have become very fond of Bethany Nitshimi and plan on running her through a post apocalyptic roller coaster before this series finally merges with The Book of Jacob.

I hope you enjoy Lie Zombie Lie. Check back her for the official release announcement.


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