Currently I have four podcasts going. Below are their descriptions and links.

Zombie Radio

As you already know, the world was hit with a shit-storm of a problem — that problem being the Apocalypse. What is being called The Mengele Virus was released and then amplified by the Quantum Fusion Generator (the brain-child of Dr. Lindsay Godwin.) And now the undead are walking the earth.

We were fortunate enough that a journalist, Jacob Plummer, documented his own transformation into the zombie abyss and, during the process, discovered some fairly disturbing truths about the incident. I won’t give away anything, simply because you need to read what everyone is now calling The Bible of the New World Order. That Bible is I Zombie I. Read it as it might well save your life.

In the meantime, I have created Zombie Radio to help us all make it through the new nightmare. Hopefully I can bring you news of the virus, Bethany Nitshimi’s race to develop a cure, help you to connect with other survivors, and spin you some groovy tunes to help ease your pain.

If you have any requests, feel free to send them my way.


Hypergraphia isn’t just a word, it’s a lifestyle. An obsession with the written word has led writers Jack Wallen and Jessica McHugh down different but parallel paths. Hypergraphia gives voice to the madness and mayhem of the writer life.

X Perspective

Generation X was the first generation born after the post-World War II baby boom. We experienced high school in the eighties and were the first generation of alientated youth. Jack Wallen and Craig Waits offer up their Gen X perspective on topics ranging from television, music, candy bars, politics, and anything else that might appeal to the latchkey, Genera, Max Headroom-loving generation. Grab your Jolt Cola and get ready to revisit the past, live in the now, and speculate on the future…all from the X Perspective.

Devil Dog Podcast

The official podcast of Devil Dog Press, DDP digs its fingers deep into the muck and mire of horror in all its forms. Hosts Jack Wallen and Jaime Johnesee talk film, books, music, the craft of writing, and all things Devil Dog Press. Get the latest information on book releases as well as Jack and Jaime’s takes on anything and everything that might go bump in the night.