Jack Wallen talks about how he bridged William Shakespeare and the music of The Tubes together to create “A Midsummer Night’s Reap.”

Me And My Muse Episode 208

This is another monologue, based on my fEaR series (published by Devil Dog Press). This is the main character, Vega, talking about what caused the rise of cannibalism and what drove him to medicine.

Moments From My Worlds: fEaR

I wasn’t quite happy with the original take of this, so I did something tweaking. I’ve left both versions up, so you can compare what I’ve don with the two. It’s a study in subtlety.

Moments From My Worlds: Suicide Station

In which I discuss my writing process from start to finish to help you evolve your own process into a more efficient and workable model.

Me And My Muse Episode 206

In which I discuss one of the biggest challenges to being an artist. You might be surprised at what it is.

Me And My Muse Episode #203

I’ve started a new project, where I write and film original monologues, taken from my novels. This first monologue is Renfield from “Dracula Theory.” Enjoy.

Moments From My Worlds: Dracula Theory

This time around, I wanted to chat with you about how I got to where I am – a full-time writer – and why it’s important to understand it’s not where you’ve been, but where you’re going.

Me And My Muse Episode 201