By Jeff Couch It was a bright and sunny day. As I stepped through the shiny door of the Holitown diner, the bell on the spring gave a hopeful ring. I was hopeful too. Maybe, finally, this was the right place and time. I stepped up to the counter and […]


By Jess Austen Jared loved a bookstore. He loved the smell of the books, the feel of them in his hands. There was nothing more sensual in the world than the leather bound cover of a book. Or the cloth binding of a hard cover. With the dust jacket. Just […]

The Easy Pick Up

By George Eckel I lifted the orange crate labeled Valentine’s Day off the stack of boxes piled high against the side of our two-story, stucco house. The lid was smeared with years of dirt, dried water stains, and reminders that rodents lived unseen right next to us. “They’re breakables, Al!” […]

Thank you for being my Valentine