By Sara Marian               I watch as the living cross the threshold yet again, bearing with them all their worldly possessions. First two women, one elderly. Then a man, a youth, and a girl no longer quite a child, but not yet a woman. The younger of the first pair of […]

Keep the Lights On

By Brent Abell Gwen kicked the beer can off the sidewalk and watched it bounce into the gutter. Dust swirled around her ankles in the cooling night while the echo from the can faded into silence. The tattered witch costume Gwen wore kept the chill from reaching her bones no […]

Light One For Me

Hell’s Muse is a very complex horror novel I wrote a few years ago. This is a short film I created from that story … a look inside the mind and life of the main character, Bob.

Moments From My Worlds: Hell’s Muse

By Leila Toba Autumn leaves scuttled upon the driveway, in a helpless battle between the gusty winds and the excited crowd of women that crunched their expensive heels on the concrete. It was the most exciting night of the week, or, at least the most exciting night of the week […]


By C.A. Verstraete “Stop the car, Mommy!” “Mandy? What’s wrong, honey? Are you sick?” Alarmed, Cass Wilkes glanced in the rearview window at her daughter and quickly pulled the aging Buick to the curb. “No, I’m okay. Look, Mommy, look!” The six-year-old bounced in her seat and struggled to release […]

The Dollhouse

By Angel Vargas A lab coat clad pediatrician with a furrowed brow and pursed lips looked me dead in the face while my one month old son wailed and thrashed in my arms. In this situation, there was a word no new, sleep deprived parent should ever want to hear. […]

Family Reunion

By Godfrey Davenport Bubonic Tonic Death stalked               as it often does through mindless streets it roamed Death talked               as it often does and sent its men on home Death walked               as it often does and sang a mindless tune Death balked               as it often does, diverted by the runes                             One […]

Three Halloween Poems

by S.H. Roddey Winston Julius Damascus, III and his lovely wife Isobel stood on their porch, glaring toward the street with disgust. Winston surveyed the gaudy, garish Halloween decorations adorning their neighbors’ houses, his lip curling to reveal perfect, bright-white teeth. It was tacky. Ugly. And wholly inappropriate in contrast […]

The Neighbors

By Jeff Davis I had a Halloween party epiphany this year. I told my wife that I’ll go as Captain America and she’ll go as Black Widow. With her beautiful red hair and porcelain skin, all she needs to look the part is the tight black suit. My wife muttered […]

8 Pounds of Pressure

I have a super-secret project I’m about to embark on that I think could spark a revolution in how stories are told. Listen in on why I believe this is way overdue.

Me And My Muse Episode 212

By Lance Gray Swipe left. Swipe left. Swipe left. Social. Swipe left. HUNT. Mustard Yellow. Rifle scope crosshairs. Loading…Loading…Loading…Loading… (in the crosshairs) HUNT Gunshot. White flash.   He hated the Splash Screen. That awful yellow triggered him as soon as it flooded the screen. Those “familiar” with the app could […]


©2021 by Sparrow Black The drive was grueling and long, but what she’d left behind was worse. “Don’t think about it, Opal. You’ll just start to cry again, and you’re driving. Put some music on, distract yourself.” It felt strange to talk to herself like that, but the road was […]

The Halloween Road Trip

By Jesse V Coffey I hate Halloween. I seriously hate this shit. All the Halloweenies running around begging for candy. And if you don’t fork it over, they egg your house. If you don’t give the little shits the right candy, they toilet paper your lawn, and your trees and […]

Candy is Dandy but Death is Forever

By Sheila Shedd We’d met three months before, an all night thing at a club called Sprechen. Purple strobes and long-winded jams featuring a French horn backed by a Theremin had me tired of the scene. I took a comfortable, isolated seat upstairs overlooking the rave, and Keven sat beside […]

The Treat

By Lisa Hornung Andrew Davis, walked into his kitchen in the morning. He had a headache and needed coffee, like now. “Morning, Mr. Coffee,” he said. Like he said every morning. He wasn’t sure why, but he often felt like thanking his coffee maker for making the warm elixir that […]

An Appliance Story