Love. It transcends time, borders, culture, and generations. When the bonds of love are forged for the right people, a world of wonder is laid out before them. Love makes good people better. But when love binds two of society’s worst, the drama that ensues can be tragic. Such is […]

Violent Delights: Deadly Romance

By Jeff Couch “Erica, I love you.” “Thank you—I really appreciate those kind words.” He really loved Erica. He was sure that he had found his true soulmate at last. She really felt like the other half of his soul. He cared about her so much that he had changed […]


By Sam Swalgin The last employee left for the day, leaving me alone in this chasm of a warehouse. The ceiling was 30 feet above me, but I could still hear the rain panging against the tin roof it bore. I stood at one of the large windows that faced […]

Doll House

By Jesse V. Coffee That’s the last time I hit a frat party at Daemonium Biblical College. Did you know that the night before Halloween is referred to as Devil’s Night? The real night of Trick or Treat. And the night that every frat and sorority on campus decided to […]

Kaleidoscopic Hell

By Penny Jones They knew it was going to be a bad year for the crop, right from the spring. The envelopes had been split and spilled. Teeth marks marring the paper, which had been carefully stored away with the previous year’s seeds. The packages containing a mere fraction of […]

The Crop

By: Dean Lappi Fran was a bright gold maple leaf, and she trembled in fear. She hung from her mother’s highest branch, the last of her brothers and sisters to remain. She clung to her mother with all her might. As the weather had turned colder, and the darkness of […]

A Halloween Leaf Named Fran