I recently was asked on Twitter how I was able to dedicate so much time to writing. On that particular day, I’d written over 7 hours (and still had another hour or so to go). Of course, I am a full-time writing, so I have that luxury. That wasn’t always […]

Me And My Muse: On Routine

Let’s talk about plot. I know, I know…I really need to find a new topic to beat into the ground, right? But seriously…this is a topic that needs to be discussed at length, all the time. Why? Because without the ability to come up with a good plot, a writer […]

Me And My Muse Episode 183

I love hopping down rabbit holes. As a curious creative, they can sometimes lead to phenomenal discoveries of either artistic or intellectual value. Besides that, you never know what you might get into. One rabbit hold could branch off to another, and another, and another…until you realize you’ve gone off […]

Sometimes the rabbit hole stares back

Once upon a time, back around 2012 or so, everything looked as if I were on target to be able to drop everything and rely solely on income from book sales. I was thrilled and thankful to have found myself in that position. I’d put in so much hard work […]

Success is a fickle and fleeting mistress

I recently wrapped up the first draft of fEaR3 (get fEaR and fEaR2 on Amazon now), which will be published through Devil Dog Press. I’m quite excited about this entry in the series, as it not only adds a few new characters, but it expands the universe and offers up […]

To end BIG or not

A week ago, I dove down a rabbit hole I’ve been avoiding for some time. That deep dive resulted in a Facebook post I will share with you now. So…after making the mistake of diving down the review rabbit hole, I came out with two looming conclusions. I will share […]

Consumerism and its relationship to art

I don’t usually talk to my family about my work. Why? It’s not that they aren’t interested or that they don’t support me. They do. But for the most part those in my familial circle aren’t terribly interested in the genres in which I write. So, I tend to let […]

Pealing Back The Layers

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Me And My Muse. I’m taking a different kind of approach this time around. Instead of just a video, my Muse and I are going to chat via both written and video formats. Isn’t that a kick in the artistry? It is. Trust me. […]

How to write solid narrative

In which the writer discusses “speaking through character” to help plant the seeds of thought into the work for the audience to discover.

Me And My Muse Episode 176