One shaved cat

I have a confession to make. We have six cats. That’s right…we’re crazy cat people. Cat horders. Those that fancy the feline. Each of our cats are amazingly different (and do their best to keep me from getting a good night’s sleep). One, in particular, likes to think of himself as the clown of the house. Well, today that clown gets shaved!

Bazo the cat

Why, in the name of Andrew Lloyd Webber, would you shave a cat? Bazo (the guy in question) is a Maine Coon who considers himself a┬áRastafarian. He’s laid back, likes Bob Marley, probably lights up when we’re not home, and prefers his fur in dreadlocks. That’s right, dreadlocks. Add to that his inability to keep himself clean after he, um, uses the facilities and you have the makings for a cat in need of a good high and tight.

That’s where “beefy the cat” (one of his many nicknames) currently is. And when he comes home he will be met with the snickers and titters of his fellow meowsers, but hopefully he will wear his new coif with the pride he always seems to show.

Yeah…we’re crazy cat people. But if you got to know our little pride you’d understand just why we keep them around. Besides, it’s always good to have a hippie in the house – even if he has four paws and weighs as much as a medium sized dog.