News that’s news worthy

I wanted to post something quick to bring to light some news to everyone. It’s nothing earth-shattering, life-changing, or time-travel worthy, but it’s still news that begs repeating. Are you ready for it? Are you suuuuuure?

A Blade Away coming soon!

I just got off the phone with my editor and A Blade Away is on target to finish a bit ahead of schedule. Once her edits are complete, I have to go through them and send my final edits back to her. After that will be one more proof and then the first in the Fringe Killer series will be on sale! And just in case you are curious, A Blade Away is:

Detectives Jamie Davenport and Skip Abrahm face some of the strangest cases Louisville, Kentucky has ever seen. Killers and victims on the fringes of society are the focus of the Fringe Killer series and A Blade Away kicks it off with a real twist.

“I am the last true artist.”
“I am Da Vinci with flesh.”
“I am a god with your gender.”
“I am the genie in the perfume bottle waiting for you to spray me onto your flesh. And you are but a blade away from your truest self.”

A killer, Lakme, brings to his victims “The change” to help them morph into their true selves. There is only one problem – Lakme lacks the skills necessary to perform such complex surgery. His tools are wielded with purpose and conviction that will undo the fabric of an secreted, fringe population.

Detective Jamie Davenport is one of the most celebrated members of the Louisville, KY police force. With the help of her closeted partner, Skip Abrahm, they are faced with hunting down some of the city’s more inexplicable and horrific cases the city has even seen.

Entering the YA market

After much consideration, I have decided to bring one of my YA stage plays, Monsterville, to the world of YA novels. My 16  year old daughter loves this play and has been bugging me to turn it into a book for some time. When I told her I was going to do it, she nearly jumped for joy. That is all the confirmation I need.

I plan on beginning Monsterville as soon as I complete Die Zombie Die. At the rate I am going, that should be some time this summer. And since Monsterville is already a complete story, it should take no time to translate. The most challenging aspect of this will be making the jump from a middle age audience to a teen audience. The story is still very much relevant (maybe even more so), so I’m not concerned. Actually, I’m very excited about this!

I will be publishing this title under a pseudonym, because I don’t want YA readers to mistakenly read my other, more adult, titles.