News made of awesome

Here in the Jackverse I often have cool bits of news to report. But this time around, I have something so incredibly, insanely, ridiculously awesome… you might fall to bits upon reading the words. So I preface this announcement with a warning — please put on your best straight jacket fashion before reading any further.

Are you locked in tight? Good, let’s on with the news!

A few weeks ago I set out to do something I wasn’t sure I could pull off and I wasn’t sure anyone had ever pulled off. My goal? Find an international metal band to agree to not only appear in Cry Zombie Cry, but to write a song (called “Cry Zombie Cry”) based on lyrics I would write.

I figured I would manage to find a few bands who’d be hip to joining Bethany and company in taking down the zombie horde. The hard sell would be finding a band willing to put faith enough in my ability to write lyrics and record a song. But I had faith enough in my work (and just enough “crazy” to give it a shot). And so I started contacting various bands.

There were certain conditions that had to be met. First, it had to be a metal band and the band had to be fronted by a female. Why? Because I wanted this song to represent Bethany Nitshimi and the horror she was enduring as a force to stop the apocalypse as well as a woman and a mother.

After continuous shout outs and messages, a band finally contacted me with interest. They liked my style and wanted to know more. That band is Unsun. I’d discovered them a year or so ago on Pandora and loved them¬†immediately. With the combination of Aya’s pure vocals and the driving, pounding music, it is a dichotomy that is perfectly suited for any book of the I Zombie series. Now, Unsun is recording the title “track” for the fifth installation of my I Zombie series:

Cry Zombie Cry

I can’t share with you the lyrics just yet. I want to give the band plenty of time to get the song complete. But I can tell you that Aya was thrilled with what I’d written. But why a song for a book? Simple. Music is such a driving force in my life — on every level. When I started out the planning phase of Cry Zombie Cry I knew I wanted to include something no other writer of zombie fiction had done — something that simply made sense. I won’t give away plot here, but Unsun (and a couple of other bands) will be in the book helping Bethany to level the playing field.

I would also ask that all of you fans of the I Zombie series support the band by purchasing their two recordings Clinic For Dolls and The End of Life. If you want to get a glimpse of this Polish metal band, give the video below a watch!

There are moments in my writing career that I believe will always stick with me. Getting Unsun on board to do something no other author has ever done is one such moment. Thank you Aya and Unsun! This hayride is going to be very, very special.