Name my next bad guy!

I am about to complete the second entry in my “I Zombie I” series (called “My Zombie My”). When I have the first draft complete, I will begin the process of starting the third, and final, entry in the series. The protagonist in the final book has not been named as of yet and I thought it would be fun to involve my readers for a “naming contest”.

If you have a great name for a bad guy or (even better) if you’d like YOUR name to be used for the bad guy, send the name to me for “bad guy (or girl) name consideration”. Need a bit more information? Let’s examine this bad guy (or girl).

Goals: Stop Bethany and her group of rebellians from spreading the vaccine for the “Mengele Virus”. Thin out the world population. Reboot the world with the perfect race of man. Create religious-like cult based totally on science.

Job: Do “Jobs” really matter now that the virus has been released? Not really, but…this person is the head of a┬áconglomerate comprised of both big business leaders and politicians who are sympathetic to the cause.

Disposition: Corporate scum. Power-hungry and (like Thomas Dolby) blinded with science.

Style: Regardless of gender, this ne’r-do-well will completely embody the suit. Think Barney Stinson with real power. SUIT UP!

That’s all I have right now. The “fleshing out of this character really hasn’t begun. Whoever becomes the namesake will certainly influence this character’s, well, character.