The Nails of Calvary

Loved it!! Even tho I had to leave the lights on when I went to bed!! A Deep Dark book of Non Stop Scary!!!!eady to once again let The Nameless loose?

In the beginning

was the lie

The Nameless is back, only this time with a plan that might bring the walls of Hell crashing down. 

A young girl, sent into Hell to prevent an epic battle between good and evil, discovers a truth far darker than she’d ever imagined. 

The original lie. 

Her only chance of survival lies in the wretched pens of Hell’s Muse. Should she fail, the war between Heaven and Hell will destroy humankind. 

Should she succeed, an eternal evil might still be unleashed. A win-win for the minions of Hell.

Get your copy, before The Nameless … gets you!

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