My Zombie My (I Zombie, book 2)

“I jumped into this book feet first, immediately after finishing the first one because this breathtaking story simply couldn’t wait. Jack Wallen is a brilliant writer who holds nothing back. The suspense that began with the first book continues to build with non-stop action and frightening revelations that weave an increasingly intricate tapestry of a tale. Just when you think you know how the plot is going to go, the author adds yet another exciting twist. And of course, there are zombies. Lots of them, and ones more terrifying than you could imagine. This trilogy is truly the best of the best – the cream of the zombie crop!” — Mandy White

“The most impressive part for me however was not Jack stellar job at describing zombies that eat their own brains, or the way he can twist a story so much you aren’t even sure you can trust yourself, or even how he has the genius to create an “outside” perspective through radio show called (straight-forward enough) “Zombie Radio.” Nope…Jack’s most impressive feat in this entire book was his ability to keep the technology talk from sounding like a “Hacking For Dummies” learners manual. With Bethany’s main duty being “hacking” this whole angle could have very easily come back to bite Jack in the ass. Instead, he chose to give just enough info to sound convincing (and knowledgable) without making me drool on my kindle.” — Misty Baker

The City of Lights is crawling with the undead who care nothing for love or wine and are hell-bent on getting the one thing they want – your brains. The living have only one hope – Bethany Nitshimi who carries with her an encrypted file containing the key to the cure. Unfortunately Bethany is battling the undead, the apocalypse, and a group who will stop at nothing to keep her from curing the plague.

My Zombie My picks up where I Zombie I left off and heads into Paris. Bethany’s gang of heroes has picked up a few more strays and mankind is getting dangerously close to the end. As Bethany battles the zombie horde she must crack the file, get the cure, and save the human race, before we are just meat for the beasts.

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