My top 13 horror movies

In celebration of this most recent Friday the 13th, I thought it would be a fun task of listing out my top thirteen horror films. From this list, you can pick and choose which horrific delights you watch on the second most spooky night of the year (top honors, naturally, going to Halloween). And so, without further adieu, I give to you, my loyal readers, my top 13 all time favorite horror films.

13. The Descent: This was a great film that not only had a great cast and groovy monster — it had claustrophobia. Anyone who suffers from a fear of tight spaces will just LOVE this film.

12. Alien: How can you not include the beginning of one of the greatest sci-fi horror franchises of all time? The design element alone gets this one into the list.

11. Rec: Forget the Americanized version of this film (Quarrantine). The original is a fright-fest to please even the most discerning horror fan.

10. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The film that inspired Halloween revelers for decades? Plus it was the first film to enjoy a man wearing another human’s flesh — and not in the good way.

9. High Tension: The French know how to make a movie. Rarely has a film been so aptly titled. If this film doesn’t have you on the edge of your seat…nothing will.

8. 28 Days Later: One of the most frenetic and frightening zombie films ever. Add to that some fantastic acting.

7. Hellbound Hellraiser II: Riding on the leather coattails of the first film, Hellraiser II proves that I was no fluke. Barker’s story holds up strong and Pinhead continues to be the master of eloquent macabre.

6. Nightmare on Elm Street: The perfect blend of snark and scare, NoES was such an incredible fright and helped to launch Wes Craven into the horror spotlight.

5. Halloween: Well, ‘duh! How could a list of horror films not include one of the greatest slashers of all time? I toyed with the Rob Zombie remake usurping the original, but decided I should err on the side of caution (knowing how hard-core horror fans can be).

4. Friday the 13th: This list will publish on Friday the 13th. It would be blasphemy of me to NOT include the original Friday the 13th. Jason Voorhees would run me through with various blades steeped in death.

3. The Conjuring: Some will argue this, but I believe The Conjuring is one of the greatest horror films of all time. I would have placed it ahead of The Exorcist, but pea soup and Max Von Sydow helped to nudge Exorcist ahead.

2. The Exorcist: See above. Seriously, though, nothing need be said about The Exorcist being on this list. To this day, it scares the pezuzu out of viewers.

1. Hellraiser: I cannot, in good conscience, not have Hellraiser at the top of my list. 1) It was written by the master, 2) It was directed by the master, 3) It has had more influence over more horror movies in the history of the genre, and 4) Pinhead. No big bad has ever been as eloquent as Doug Bradly’s Pinhead. If you disagree, your suffering will be legen … wait for it … dary!

And there you have it. Pick your Friday the 13th horror movie fare from this list and I promise you a fright of epic proportions. You have been warned. MUHAHA!