My favorite zombie things

I love zombies. How can you not love their aimless, shambling, mind-chomping goodness? Of course, I have to love zombies — I write about them. But I also like to find silly zombie tidbits. So…I thought I’d share a few of them with you today.

Zombie Heels: The only thing better than these heels is knowing that eventually you are going to get to dance like a zombie in them. How could that not freakin’ rule the entire planet? I want pics of people in these. Dance zombie, dance!

Zombie Mints: Do NOT be mistaken, these do not (in anyway) taste minty. In fact, they taste exactly as you might expect brains to taste like – SPAM. They are disgusting, but a fun little trinket to have lying around when a zombie comes a callin’.

Zombie Tee: There are tons of them out there, but the one the link takes you to is my favorite. How To Kill A Zombie: Choose your weapon. Aim for the head. Don’t miss. How can it NOT be your favorite tee? And it’s in zombie-fav green.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors: This not only my favorite zombie video game, it’s one of my favorite games of all times. Yes, it’s for the SNES, but man this game is fun. You must try it, even if you have to use an emulator.

Zombies!!! 2: We have a tradition at my house. Every news years eve, instead of going out and getting hammered, we all stay in for a rousing game of Zombies!!!. This is a fun little board game that is easy to play and can kill a few hours and even a few more zombies at the same time. Zombies!

Rob Zombie, The Sinister Urge: This is one of Zombie’s best recordings. With tracks like Demon Speeding, House Of A Thousand Corpses, and Never Gonna Stop Me you will find yourself grinding and dancing your best zombie stomp (hopefully wearing the heels above.)

Zombie Prom Queen Dress: Hey, even zombies deserve to be crowned queen now and then. And when you are, you will want to be in your best dress.

Zombieland: A film that has Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone has to be good right? Add in a double dash of zombie action and this film is just damn good fun.

I Zombie I: Look, if I’m going to include a zombie book, you’re damn straight it’s going to be I Zombie I! What should be required reading for all zombie¬†aficionados. Right? Right!!!!