My favorite song from each Rush studio recording

As you know, I’m a huge Rush fan. I have been since eighth grade (that’d be around 1982 — in case curiosity got your inner cat). I thought it’d be a cool little exercise to list out one favorite song from each of their studio albums. You can then put that playlist together and get your Rush on in Zombie King style! So, without further adieu, let’s have at it.

Rush: Working Man

It’s the obvious choice — but the song simply rocks. And when they perform it live and toss in a bit of reggae, it’s just amazing.

Fly By Night: Fly By Night

I wanted to go with Beneath, Between, & Behind, but the title track is just too good to pass up.

Caress of Steel: The Fountain of Lamneth

This was one of the first epic songs I heard, so it has a special place in my heart.

2112: A Passage to Bankoc

The opening guitar riff alone always brings chills to me. I know the whole of the 2112 epic is amazong, but Bankok beckons!

A Farewell to Kings: Xanadu

Those most would go with Closer to the Heart, Xandadu takes me back to my childhood, walking through the woods with my Sony Walkman. Precious memories, those.

Hemispheres: La Villa Strangiato

For me, there is no guitar solo on the planet that will ever best this one. La Villa Strangiato is a truly complex playground of amazing sounds, rhythms and musicianship.

Permanent Waves: Natural Science

As someone who was a music minor in college, how could I not love the song that includes a hemiola? This song is so complicated I don’t think most listeners can appreciate it for what it is — genius.

Moving Pictures: Tom Sawyer

The greatest rock song ever written. ‘Nuff said.

Signals: Analog Kid

There’s something about this song that reminds of me of skateboarding in the spring time. The smell of warm air and sunbrown legs. 😉

Grace Under Pressure: Between The Wheels

I love the message of the song, the heavy guitar against the more delicate keyboards — and the solo rocks.

Power Windows: Emotion Detector

It’s another song with hidden power that you don’t experience until you really “hear” the lyrics. Alex’s arpeggio work is fantastic on this song.

Force Ten: Lock And Key

This one was actually a tough one. Eventually the lyrics of Lock And Key won out. “Heart of a lonely hunter, guards a dangerous frontier”. Peart knows how to write ’em.

Presto: Show Don’t Tell

As a writer, the title alone brings a smile to my face. The song is just amazing.

Roll The Bones: Roll The Bones

They added a rap? Seriously? And it worked? Bravo to the power trio of might.

Counterparts: Stick It Out

I remember this tour — the first time I saw the band with a row of Marshall stacks behind them. This song shook my clothes. It’s pure power.

Test For Echo: Virtuality

I really can’t explain this one, but I just love this song. The heaviness of the guitar and bass works so well together.

Vapor Trails: Peaceable Kingdom

The message alone gives this one top honors. But the thickness of the chordwork is amazing. I sure hope this recording gets a full remix so it can be better enjoyed.

Snakes And Arrows: Armor And Sword

Pure power with an amazing message. I love the opening drum riff.

Clockwork Angels: The Garden

It’s one of the most lovely songs ever put together by a rock band. Period.

Wow — that’s quite a list. Is it really possible for a band to be together this long and still be creating unique, powerful music? In the case of Rush — yes.

What do you think? What would your track list look like? Do share.