Moments From My Worlds

I started a project a few months ago as a way to promote my novels. The idea is to take moments from each book and bring them to life on film. I star, direct, film, and edit each video. Although they were a bit crude at first, they’ve come a very long way in a short period of time.

I’m very proud of these videos and am working my way towards a few particular goals (which will be revealed in the coming year). in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these short films.

Foster Donovan from “Suicide Station.”

DJ from “Zombie Radio”

Bob from “Hell’s Muse”

Jacob Plummer from “I Zombie I”

Nigel from “Ghosts of Brookhaven”

Alexandru from “Dracula Theory”

Vega from “fEaR”

Victor Frankenstein from “Frankenstein Theory”

Random Cannibal from “fEaR”

Random Cannibal from “fEaR2”

Bartholomew Marchbanks from “Ghosts of Brookhaven”

Renfield from “Dracula Theory”