Misfit Monday: Clive Barker

For anyone that knows me, and knows me well, you know that I have this ridiculous infatuation with Clive Barker. He is, as most would say, my idol. And unlike most fans in the Barkerverse, my author-crush is not simply because of his creation of one the finest characters in all of horror-dom — Pinhead. That man-crush is born of the awe the man’s writing inspires within. He is, in a word, genius.

But why proclaim Clive Barker a misfit? He’s nothing more than a successful writing right? Wrong. Clive barker is much more than meets the readers eye. Oh yes, Mr. Barker is an auteur who’s skill with words goes far beyond the beautiful, transgressing into the realm of the beatifically horrific.This man is a ground breaker, a trouble maker, a miscreant of a fantastical nature.

Say what?

Walk with me.

The single most important thing you need to know about Clive Barker is that he has, at all turns, done things his way. With only a few exceptions (Nightbreed being one of them), his work has been carefully caressed, and seduced by the one mind truly capable of bringing out the sexuality his words deserve.

Sexuality? Seriously? Seriously.

Clive Barker’s worlds run rampant with sexuality. It’s no surprise seeing as how sexuality has always been such a key piece to the reality of his own life. Read between the lines, dig deep within the melange of character and costume to find each and every character is driven, in one way or another, by some sexual desire. Pinhead cries out “We have such sights to show you.”

The Cenobite was not talking Disney.

Even as a child, Clive’s parents knew there was something different about their son. Spending hours upon hours alone, Clive was more at home creating than cavorting. Although the cavorting would come in spades when he reached school. In fact, once at school, Clive found his place among a small crew of fellow students as a band of thespians (I do hate that term). Ignoring the drama the school already offered, Clive would only find contentment when able to create works and worlds of his own.

  • He broke rules.
  • He broke ground.

Eventually Mr. Barker would realize artistic capacities for painting, drawing, writing, producing, directing … if the man could dance and act, he’d be unstoppable.

Clive Barker deserves the Misfit Monday treatment mostly because he has done everything his way and his way has always brought him success. He is a proud gay man who writes horror and the fantastique with such beauty and grace it’s almost disgusting, criminal.

My one goal as a writer is to some day write with the power, the fury, and the beauty of this misfit. To create an icon of a genre (again, Pinhead) is the pinnacle of success. Clive has achieved this in ways no other will ever touch. But some day, the King of Blood and Glitter will sneak up on Clive, pat him on the back, and thank him for his never-ending inspiration.

And with that, I give you this truly marvelous video of Project Angel: Redesigning Pinhead.