Mike Evans on Middletown Apocalypse

mikeIt was February or March of last year. To me this seems like yesterday, although so much has happened since then. One of my good friends on my street team was helping me to get momentum going under my new book. Until this time I had not stepped out of the zombie genre yet and was honestly a bit nervous doing so.

She graciously arranged an interview with Jack who had won the zombie book of the month club contest a few months prior, so I knew who he was, and as we travel in the same group was someone that I was very well aware of. So because of this connection I was on my way to being Jack’d!

Jack and I went back and forth getting along pretty good. He ended up doing the audio for the book that he was helping me to promote actually. At the end of the interview that we bounced back and forth an idea he had kind of knocked me on my ass to tell you the truth. So to be honest every author has self-doubts, all of them. If they don’t, then tell Stephen King no one asked him lol. But for me I was a freshman I’d put out Orphans Vol I, and that was it, so what happens, a gift from the gods fell in my damn lap because of this interview. Jack asked would I be interested in writing in an anthology? Of course I would. Now I figured it will happen or it won’t yes I’d be broken hearted if it fell apart but that is what happens with some of the anthologies they just don’t happen.

What happened next was Jack telling me who was going to be in this this is where the self-doubt comes to play, he threw off a who’s who of authors in the zompoc community, I started thinking to myself holy hell there is almost no one here that doesn’t write in the craft for a living but myself. The names just kept coming and over the next few weeks he started getting feedback on this idea, authors started joining up and to be quite honest, when I saw the caliber of other authors that were signing up for this, it was lucky for myself that I didn’t soil my pants. I saw O’Brien, Tufo, Shelman, Wallen, Rosamilia, McKinney, names that you see on the top 100 and a lot of the time top 50 or 25 on Amazon’s horror options for author ranking genre.

Again the self-doubt is amazing, but the best thing that I have come to see over the last few months of this all coming together, is that these guys while being amazing writers, are just guys. They are your common guy, the one you could go out and get a beer with. The guy that you can shoot the shit with, that you joke with. But in the end, the guys that can write one hell of a zompoc story, I hope that everyone enjoys this story because I am as excited as you to see what mind blowing stories that these guys all came up with! Thanks again Mr. Wallen for everything you’ve done for me over the last year!