Middletown 2 is now available!

The idea was simple: Gather a group of some of the best writers in the apocalyptic genre, give them parameters for a story, and let them go. That’s how Middletown Apocalypse came into being. The first book was an experiment…me wanting to show the world how individual writer voices can take on a single story and make it unique.

And it worked.
…exactly how I’d expected.

Mu. Ha. Ha.

The reading public was surprised how well it worked. I was not. Why? Because there is some seriously good talent in the genre. Talent that could pull off what most would have normally considered an impossible feat.

And here we are again. This time around we have some new writers, a new setting, a new premise (building slightly from the first), but the same idea…a collection of talent setting out to illustrate not only the power of “story”, but the power of the writer’s voice.

I hope you enjoy the second edition of Middletown Apocalypse.