Middletown 2 The Interview: Peter Welmerink

What makes the apocalyptic genre so appealing to you?

It’s an open world. There really is no end (no pun intended) to what one can create–good or bad–in a setting and genre as such.

What about this project was uniquely challenging to you?

I came in near the tail end of the submission deadline. Happy and honored to be invited into such a group of talented writers, I had my work cut out for me.

What draws you to projects like this?

I like the idea of being given some top level details on the overall gist of what the story should be, but then given the freedom to make it my own.

If there was one thing key to your writing style, what would that be?

Doesn’t always happen, but I try, but I try to keep things poppin’, try to be visual and moving, always moving.

If someone were to write you into an apocalyptic story, what would be the plot?

A man out of coffee, he must fight his way across the wasteland of mutants and marauders to get to the last store on Earth to acquire the last canister of Dark Roast. Like Mad Max…out of a good cup o’ joe.

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