In a metal band? Want some apocalyptic PR? Read on Macduff

Now that the fourth book in the I Zombie series has been released (Lie Zombie Lie), the wheels in my brain are already cranking out ideas for the fifth. That book, titled “Cry Zombie Cry”, will take Bethany Nitshimi and company deep into the heart of atrocity and horror — of that I can assure you. But there’s something else I have planned and for that, I need your help.

For Cry Zombie Cry there will be an event that takes place within the book that needs metal, thrash,  psychobilly, and other “core-type” bands. I already have created one of the bands — Doubletap Suicide. But last night I realized I needed to go an extra few miles and include up and coming bands (or already established) in the book. This will be a chance to get these bands immortalized within the I Zombie world — and who doesn’t want to be immortalized before the apocalypse drop kicks the human race through the goal post of hate?

So — what I’m looking for are bands that fit within the realm of the apocalypse who would like to have their names (and even band members names) added to the I Zombie world. Here is a short list of bands I’d LOVE to include:

  • In This Moment
  • Kitty in a Casket
  • Sacred Storm
  • The Horrorpops
  • Reverend Horton Heat
  • Zombie Ghost Train
  • Girlschool

If anyone in the Jackverse has any connections to these bands (some of them follow me on Twitter — some I follow), try to connect me! Or, if you know of a band who’d like the hookup, send the Zombie King an email.

Of course I have to say there will be no monetary compensation for this. What there will be is exposure to fan-base that is growing exponentially and I love connecting good people to killer music.

Thank you all for being a part of my world and enjoying my work. You are the greatest fans in the world!


And, for your lovely entertainment, have a little Kitty in a Casket and Bride of the Monster! Rock it girl!