Marketing frenzy

So, what is it like to run an indie digital press and write novels that sell as ebooks? Madness. At first blush one might think it a somewhat romantic notion: Being a writer, not having to answer to a stodgy publisher, setting your own schedules, publishing at will…

That is all fine and good. In fact, those very things are the stuff that makes being a digital press and a writer of ebooks so great. What is not so great is the after-party that must take place the minute that last word is typed and the book is ready to roll. At that point it’s time for the marketing to begin…and the marking is where the real work begins. It’s a pain in the tuckus, it’s hard work, and it’s a constant battle. Let me give you a sample of what I’ve been doing for Autumnal Press and all of my books:

  • Constant tweeting on twitter.
  • Facebook updates.
  • Tumbler pages.
  • Writing articles.
  • Creating postcards, getting them printed, and then getting them placed in local reader haunts.
  • Constantly preening keywords and search settings for books.
  • Searching for newer, better ways to pimp the press and the books.

That, my friends, is pretty much an every day process. And if you think the results are immediate…think again. The one thing I had to quickly realize in this industry is that building sales is a very slow process. Unless you have the driving engine that powers the “big six” publishers, the work is all you and it’s all day/all night. But don’t get me wrong…this work is very fulfilling. After all, it’s about getting your hard work out into the eyes of a public that WANTS your work to be brilliant. In a sea of mediocrity, they NEED your work to take them to places they don’t usually go.

Remember…this is about books, stories, your heart and your soul. The work you do pimping those books is just as important as the work you put into writing them. Why? Well, not only will it boost your sales, it also tells the public how serious you are about your work. Sure, you could write ’em, publishing ’em, and sit back and wait for the money to roll in. You could…but that is a fairy tale (and says little about your commitment to your creations.)

Understand…that once the story is written the hard work begins. Don’t give up because sales start out slowly. It may take months, even years for your sales to really hit their stride. But with enough hard work those books will sale. Have faith in yourself and the public at large.