Make this movie!

I have decided it’s time I get gutsy and start bugging two very influential people in the horror and comedy industry in an attempt to get my piece of dystopian fiction, I Zombie I, made into a film. And why not? It’s a great story, with rich characters and relationships, and would easily transition from fiction to film.

When I started thinking about who would be the ideal director for the film two names came up, Rob Zombie and Simon Pegg. Let me explain my reasoning for each.

Rob Zombie

Some of you might shudder or shiver at the sound or sight of Mr. Zombie. But anyone who happens to call themselves a horror aficionado, will not deny Zombie’s power and presence in the horror film industry. Ever since his masterpiece, House Of A 1000 Corpses, I have been calling Zombie the single most important director of modern horror in the industry today. When I say that in certain circles I get looks of perplexing “Say what?” stares. But Zombie has a knack for being able to take the theme of horror and add an element of chaos that most directories shy away from. That chaos gives the film something most directors of horror can’t seem to find — real fear. Zombie dirties up the already tainted and makes it real. Zombie’s characters are a walking mixture of cartoons and bleak realism that, together, make hideousness most directors can’t touch.

In the hands of a lesser directory, Captain Spaulding would have been a joke. In the artistic view of Zombie, Spaulding became a frightening character that could just as easily exist as your grandmother.

Rob Zombie makes real the insane, the carnal, the insidious and I can’t think of a better director to helm the making of I Zombie I.

Unless you examine I Zombie I more from a comedic standpoint. If that is the case, there is only one director I would trust with that.

Simon Pegg

One day I was riding my bike on the trails and I realized that I Zombie I would make for the perfect sequel to Shaun of The Dead. Yes, it’s a bit more frightening and cataclysmic in nature, but the humor that runs through I Zombie I could really only be handled by one man — the man that brought to life the jewel of the Zombie film world.

Simon Pegg has this gentle grace many other director/actors do not seem to comprehend. He is the only who can take the farcical and make it believable, touching, and lovable at the same time. And thanks to  his brilliant take on the zombie genre, Shaun Of The Dead, Pegg has proved he can also take horror and make it frightening, laughable, and touching at the same time.

Which one?

To be perfectly honest, I would love to see both directors take the helm of separate projects to bring celluloid life to I Zombie I. Both films would be so incredibly different they would appeal to completely different audiences. One would make you laugh and the other would make you cringe. To actually try to say I would want one over the other is a challenge. Ultimately, though, it would depend upon which aspect I Zombie I is most important: comedy or tragedy? They both play such a key role in the story that maybe the only choice would be to see if Zombie could add the necessary comedy or Pegg could inject the require horror.

What do you think?