Lullabies of the Damned

I am a proud member of Pen of the Damned. This is a collection of writers of dark words and we share bits and pieces of our own personal dark fantastic with the world. Generally speaking I use this as a medium for my poetry — something I very much enjoy writing. I wanted to share with you, the members of the Jackverse, a taste of my most recent work.

I thought I should give these little rhymes a bit of a back story. Way back (when I was in graduate school), I was going through a rather rough period. Things became fairly dark and I spent a lot of time writing some very dark words. Of everything I wrote, I so well remembered these six lullabies that helped me get through the darkest period I had ever experienced. I thought them lost, but recently was going through a folder full of poetry and, to my delight, found them.

I can’t tell you how happy I was that I reconnected with this period in my life. I own this period of my life and will never forget it…nor repeat it. I’m just happy now that it gave birth to words everyone can enjoy.

Here’s one of my little lovelies for your enjoyment:

Mary had a little blade
who’s steel was sharp and fine
and every time that Mary sliced
the blood would pour like wine

To read the rest, head on over to The Pen of the Damned. Check out everyone’s work — it’s all quite good.

Thank you again for taking the time to be part of my little world.