Little Rose by R.N. Drum

This next round for the Music Be The Food flash fiction event is inspired by a band that is very near and dear to my heart. You might know them from their incredible catalog of music, or you may know them from my novel, The Dark Seduction; the band is Die So Fluid and the song, “Bittersweet”, is off their upcoming album, “One Bullet From Paradise”.

Listen to this powerful song and read the next piece of fiction by R.N. Drum.

Little Rose

“I’m sorry,” Aly said. She looked down at her hands, which sat in her lap. She ran her fingers back and forth on a crease in her dress. The cuffs had scraped her wrists a little bit.

She had been in the blue room for a… few hours? She wasn’t sure anymore. It didn’t matter. Badge and Labcoat weren’t going to let her go any time soon.

“Why?” Labcoat clicked his pen open.

“I just,” you know “I think that,” exactly fucking “there might be another way,” why.

He made a note on his clipboard. Maybe it was a word, or a check mark, or maybe he just scribbled a dick. Aly had a feeling that Labcoat here was a bit of a kink. She was still working out how that might help her out of the cuffs and chain if the opportunity presented itself. Might have to fuck up that steam-pressed shirt of yours.

Badge just rolled his eyes over to the window in the door. Small, round, double-paned and reinforced with a steel frame. If it’s like the green room, anyway.

Labcoat placed the clipboard on the chair that sat across from Aly. He flexed his fingers and sat on the edge of the table.

“Hey,” he said. “Little Rose,”

Aly looked up. I never told them my name. How does he know my name? I never told them!

“I know what you’re going through, and I want to help,” Labcoat stood, slapping his hands against his legs. “That’s why I’m here. I mean,” he took a deep breath. “I drove almost two hours to be here with you tonight.”

He broke protocol. Personal information.

Aly began to run the map in her mind.

Badge’s eyes widened as he looked at Labcoat then over to Aly. She did her best to hide it, but a little smile escaped, even if it was only for a moment.

He knows, too.

Badge reached a hand out to Labcoat’s arm, but he never made contact. Aly was fast. She jumped up out of the chair, pushing it off to her side against the wall. Bang. Distract.

Her momentum carried her leg up and over the table, and her boot made solid contact with Badge’s neck. She used the same foot to hook around the back of his head and pull him closer until his face was buried behind her knee. Disorient.

Labcoat had tripped over his chair and retreated to the door. He was smacking his skinny white hands on the glass. Blue rooms didn’t have handles on the inside. Poor kitten. Nobody’s buying you today.

Aly dropped down to her knees onto the cold tile of the floor. Badge’s neck snapped. Disengage.

Aly, still chained to the table, stood and dragged the table closer to the door. Closer to Labcoat. Closer to the spreading dark spot on his pants. He had closed his eyes, not wanting to see the approach of the inevitable. An alarm chimed somewhere outside the blue room. Aly stepped over the other chair and looked down to clipboard where it had spilled onto the floor.

Hmm, dick it is.