Let’s go to the Coffin Hop

As I type, the 2013 Coffin Hop is undead and kicking! If you’re unaware of this wondrous time of year, it is a celebration of authors of the dark fantastic. Horror authors of every bent collect together on one site so you, the reader, can enjoy works sure to get your skin to shrivel on its meat.

The Coffin Hop is the web’s most awesome literary haunted house.  70+ bloggers, artists, writers, and Halloween freaks sharing horror tales and spirited fun.  It’s so amahz frightening, even Pinhead and Freddy Kruger are afraid to peek their heads in.

And what’s on the slab for this year? Read on MacDuff!

As always, there will be giveaways.  All 70+ sites on the tour will be doing their own giveaways, and I’m putting together something fun for you, as well, including the first ever Coffin Hop anthology, Death by Drive-In!

Why don’t you hop on by the Coffin Hop site, rattle your bones around, and find some creep-tastic horror to read.

And to celebrate this spooktacular event, I will be giving away copies of I Zombie I for free October 31 and November 1.