What I Leave Behind by Chad A. Clark

It’s round six of the Music Be The Food flash fiction event. This time around we’re turning the clocks back to the early nineties and one of my favorite of the “goth” bands (although Siouxsie would insist that term does not apply), Siouxsie And The Banshees. This is my favorite song of theirs, “Kiss Them For Me”. Give a listen to the song and then read the fiction by Chad A Clark.

What I Leave Behind


I see the light flashing on the car’s dash before I feel the notification from my ring. How can they have another one for me already?

I’ve only just finished the last one, the fugitive that tried to escape into the time stream. Two quick jumps to find and eliminate.

Find and eliminate. Seems to be all I’m good for anymore. The glittering light from my ring says that much at least.

My wife used to try and have a life for us. She’d actually accept the invitations to the parties, plan vacations for the family, sure that at some point the memory of me would become the presence of me. Convinced that eventually, it would be easier to find me than my empty promises.

But all I’m good for is find and eliminate. Fugitives on the run? Send the Doberman. Send the killer.

Send me.

I can see her silhouette in the doorway, the divine, serene shape of her set against those shadows. I can’t see her face but somehow I can see the inquisition in her expression well enough. Wondering what she’s supposed to tell the kids this time.

“Kiss them for me,” I say. And as she turns to depart from my presence, I say the rest even though there’s no need for either of us. I want to say more but they’ve already initiated the time circuits in my car. No time left in the present to say much else.

“Kiss them for me. I’m going to be late. ”

“Kiss them for me.”

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