Latest Zombie Radio Podcast

I don’t know if you lovely readers are aware, but I started (thanks to the brilliant idea of beta reader extraordinaire, Kirk Fields) a podcast to help bring the “I Zombie” trilogy to the masses with the help of the human voice. This Zombie Radio podcast is another reading of a small section of what is being called “the Bible for the New World Order”.

I’m still working out some of the bugs (like needing to get a “real” mic with a pop filter and getting used to Audacity), but it’s coming along. And if anyone is interested in adding their own voice to Zombie Radio, give me a shout and we’ll give your voice to the public so you can help them survive the zombie apocalypse.

If you feel a bit left behind, make sure to purchase your copy of I Zombie I. Do it before the next book in the trilogy, My Zombie My, hits the shelves, or the zombie horde might reach you. If that should happen…well…you’re meat for the beasts.