The Last Casket


“This book is awesome! Jack wallen is the best author on the planet. His books are amazing! Love it love it love it!”

“Are you looking for a fun zombie book? Look no further, this is the perfect choice. The writing is quite witty and the book had some killer quotes that made me crack up. The zombie apocalypse scenario is a little different in this story. The beginning opens up to Kitty from Kitty in a Casket and her band mates bashing the skulls in on a few of the undead. In case you are wondering Kitty in a Casket is an actual real band. The group is from Austria and they play psychobilly, pop punk and horror punk. Anywho..Kitty and the band manage to take care of the undead and flee in the Kitty Mobile. While on the road they come across a huge Neon sign attached to a bar called The Last Casket. I think we both know there is no way in hell this group of survivors could pass on a place named like this. It’s still the apocalypse and you have to take your chances and hope for the best. They arrive at The Last Casket and are taken in by a man named Tuque. Tuque and the band work together in trying to stay alive. I don’t want to give away the whole story so I will digress right here. Just know that you really need to check the story out. You won’t regret it. Hopefully this is not the end of the story and Jack will write more featuring Tuque, Kitty in a Casket, and The Last Casket.”

“First, let me say how impressed I am that Jack Wallen took a generally depressing scenario of zombies in an apocalyptic world and turned it on its head. I actually laughed during times when the band members – who are as close to being siblings as you can get without shared parental lineage – poke fun at each other. Those moments seem real, not imagined and written down on paper. Kudos, Jack. It’s hard to believe there is so much hope and camaraderie in one group. They stick together and have this view of the world that is admirable. As Kitty says, “The mean streets of the apocalypse taught us everything we need to know. There’s no way around it; you either kill or be killed.”

Only Jack Wallen’s vision of the zombie apocalypse could combine psychobilly and horror into a kickass adrenaline-pumping adventure.”

When flesh-melting rock faces off against the undead horde, who will be left standing?

All hell breaks loose, when rock and the apocalypse collide. In this first spinoff of the popular I Zombie series, horror punk band Kitty in a Casket kick the undead horde’s ass with their special flavor of rock.

Follow Kitty and her band to a dive bar in the middle of the apocalyptic landscape and raise your fist as they prove themselves worthy destroyers of zombies, cannibalism, and the Mengele Virus.

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