Klockwerk Kabaret

“Jack Wallen’s first foray into steampunk is inventive, fast-paced and fun. Set in the alternate dimension known as Mainspring (and its nearby nemesis, the Keep of Keys), the two main characters run a cabaret that features clockwork burlesque dancers, along with the song stylings of the mysterious Olivia. After the doors close, Olivia and amorous husband Nathan take to the streets as masked vigilantes, fighting crooks with elaborate gadgetry devised by Nathan. Then one fateful night, an uncommon enemy from the past (or is it the future?) appears.Nathan and Olivia’s dialogue was deliciously over-the-top. The action scenes were exhilarating. The bad guys were mustache-twirlingly villainous. Imagine a mashup of Baz Luhrmann and silent film melodrama, with a dash of Doctor Who and classic silver age Batman.”

“One of the few books out of dozens that I’ve read recently that kept me up all night until I finished it.”


Mainspring – a quaint town removed from time and era. Powered by steam and clockwork, Mainspring has enjoyed decades of peace and prosperity … until, from a far-away land known as The Keep of Keys, Hieronymus Ebauche unleashes Hell.

Born of a long-forgotten vendetta, Ebauche transports his clockwork demons through a trans-dimensional portal to exact his revenge. Mainspring’s only hope – Nathan Gage and Olivia Nightingale; the proprietors of the Klockwerk Kabaret, where desire is brought to life with flesh and clockwork. When the doors to the Kabaret close, Gage and Nightingale slip into the shadows as vigilante crime fighters. The fight leads them to The Keep of Keys where they discover a much darker truth.

As the clock winds down, so too does the hope of Mainspring.

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