Klockwerk Kabaret: The first review

The first word on Klockwerk Kabaret is in and it’s a hit! The “Revenge Honey” from Horror Honeys drew first blood from my first steampunk novel and the blood was delicious.

Even if you are a complete novice to the world of steampunk, you will be utterly enraptured by the world that Wallen creates in Klockwerk. His writing style and flare for language is so adept, that you quickly find yourself lost within the city limits of Mainspring and the walls of the Kabaret.

I won’t give away the entire review (read the full review here); but I will say it was such a delight to be placed in the same category as H.G. Wells.

Now that I have your attention, don’t forget to pick up your ebook or paperback copy of Klockwerk Kabaret. And, as always, thank you so kindly for being a part of my world and work. Your constant support means the world to me.