Kindle Scout Update: Day 9

And so I sit here listening to Arm Cast Podcast, in which I was brought on as a guest to speak about my Kindle Scout campaign. The episode was recorded on day two of the campaign and hearing what I had to say then is quite interesting to hear.

I was still energetic. I was still happy. Youth, ah youth…so wasted on the young.

I kid the young, with love.

However, the one thing that really sticks is this:

I’m having a lot of fun so far.

I’ve said this a number of times: The Kindle Scout campaign is exhausting. But along with all the hard work, comes a lot of joy. Not only in meeting new people (that comes along with venturing out into new genres), but coming up with clever ways to promote the campaign. For example, coming up with new taglines for the book is a great way to promote! For Suicide Station, I’ve used (so far):

  • A romance for all…living or dead.
  • A romance with an afterlife twist.
  • A romance with a twist even the Grim Reaper wouldn’t see coming.
  • Death is not the end of love.
  • In the afterlife, love awaits.

Even beyond the creative aspect of the campaign, it’s been such a pleasure to be getting Suicide Station into the sights of new readers, learning new avenues for promotion, and spreading the word about the Kindle Scout program to other authors. Remember, we are all in this boat together and we succeed or fail as a community.

My take on marketing

I’ve never been one to step out into the realms of social networking and shout to the heavens “Buy my book!” My take on marketing has always been about getting people interested in me as a person.


Simple. Once someone becomes interested in you they will, by association, become interested in your work. That does, of course, require you be able to actually put yourself out there…and do so comfortably. I’m very fortunate that I’ve been an actor for over half of my life…so putting myself out there is second nature to me.

Or, as my wife would say, you thrive in the spotlight.

Give us numbers!


The numbers continue to climb. However, we’re getting into what is typically the slow period of the campaigns (weeks 2 and 3)…so it’s going to be critical for the word to spread even further. The good news is that the percentage of internal to external views is now 31/59…so I’m getting more internal views (people checking out the Kindle Scout page, seeing Suicide Station, and checking it out).

Speaking of weeks 2 and 3. I’ve decided to take a short break from book narration (one week), so I can use that time to focus my efforts on this campaign. My brain is slowly turning to mush, so it’s a perfect time to do just that. Otherwise I’ll be lucky to string a single sentence together by the end of week 3.

Me talk pretty…

…one day.

Thank you, David Sedaris.