Kindle Scout Update: Day 8

And thus begins week, the second.

I had an interesting moment today–one that was both cause for celebration and concern (I like to live dangerously). It happened when I was looking for images to use to create some Suicide Station promo goodies. I hopped onto my bestie, Google, and first searched the keyword “love” for images. That search came up with nothing that struck the bell of my fancy. Next came “romance”. Again the bell tolledĀ for no one and nothing. Finally, I dared enter the phrase “paranormal romance” and clicked Search. What was returned dropped my jaw, punched me in the gut, and pantsed me at the same time.

The majority of the images were paranormal romance book covers and, WOWZERS, they all looked the same. Bluish and purplish shades with hot men and women draped over the covers in some state of transformation from human to beast or friend to lover. Glowing eyes, and gothic architecture. Hands and thighs.

Oh my.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Hubba hubba.

That’s when it hit me. The cover for my Kindle Scout entry, Suicide Station, looks nothing like those images. In fact, there isn’t a hottie to be found on said cover (inside, of course, tells a different tale…Candy). But then the story of Suicide Station isn’t sexy time wrapped in the lush, velvety capes and skirts of the typical paranormal romance. As usual, I took the unconventional route to get from A to LOVE.

And I’m okay with that. In fact, I’m better than okay with that…it’s what I do.

Enough already!

You want numbers, don’t you? Fine. Ignore the heart-warming story of a man being true to his art. Good thing the numbers for Suicide Station are looking good so far.


Another really important number is the page traffic mix. The goal, I believe, is to get a 50/50 mixture of internal and external traffic. Here’s what Suicide Station is looking like so far:


Starting to feel like a math major yet? You just love the maths don’t you? It makes you get all hot and sweaty and long for the sexy time.

Not in my book, buddy!

Okay…maybe. You’ll just have to wait for the release and see.


If you haven’t checked out my Suicide Station Kindle Scout campaign, all you have to do is click…the…link…here.

Thank you, one and all, for your kind support.