Kindle Scout Update: Day 5

And on the fifth day, he did rest.


There is no rest for the wicked…or the Kindle Scout campaign.

annekeRemember a few posts ago, I offered up the playlist and mentioned how Anneke Van Giersbergen had served as an inspiration for the roll of Candy? Take a gander at that picture of Anneke at the left. Need I say more? On the off chance I do, have a listen to this lovely song/video from The Gentle Storm (for which Anneke is the singer) or this glorious number from Devin Townsend’s Retinal Circus.

Yeah, she’s Candy.

And we all do so love Candy…especially Foster Donovan!

Back to the campaign


Yay! Amazon returned us to our regularly scheduled program of constantly refreshing our browsers to see the numbers (even though they don’t post new numbers every thirty seconds). Here’s what my Day 6 numbers look like:


Facebook ads and oddities

Last week I created a Facebook ad to boost a campaign-related post. It was immediately accepted and scheduled. Today, the day of the ad launch, I received an email that the ad was rejected, due to their being more than 20% of the image surface dedicated to text. It’s been well known that Facebook set this policy quite some time ago, I’d just never been caught by it. Virginity taken.

suicide_station_cover_rough_heart_2Why this is odd, is that I submitted the same ad today, and it was accepted and launched. My feeling is this is similar to issues one might find on Createspace where there’s a lack of standards among the QA agents. One agent will say “Yes, this meets our criteria”, wherein another might see the same file and say, “Oh hell no…back to the drawing board, ya hack!” It happens…not a big deal (unless they come out and call me a hack…at which point I might toss down my glove and shame them with my rapier skills. Huzzah!).

Anyway…the first week is almost up and, so far, everything is going quite well. Here’s hoping I can keep the momentum going into the second week.

Keep spreading the word of Suicide Station, everyone! And, as always, thank you so very much for your support and help.