Kindle Scout Update: Day 4

I am officially 1/6th of the way through the Suicide Station Kindle Scout campaign. I woke up this morning, only to find that someone had stolen an hour from my life. After the haze of sleep wore off, I remembered it was that dastardly daylight savings time. So instead of waking at my usual 7am, I woke at 8am…feeling like a lazy slugabed.

Is slugabed still in use with today’s hip lingo? Certainly some crew of hipsters out there have refashioned the term into something ironic and truly authentic.


Images, images, images

ss_teaser_3Yesterday’s campaign day was all about imagery…in the literal sense. I created a few new promo pics to use for the campaign; such as the one you see to the left. My goal was to create new images daily, in order to avoid promotional fatigue. The last thing I want is for potential readers to get tired of seeing me post the cover for the book every single time I mention the campaign. Hence, the new images.

There are more, of course, but I can’t just hand them all out to you at once…that would be gouache.

Yeah, I dropped a g-bomb on you.

More and more interviews

In order to continually reach out to new markets and readers, I found a few new blogging playgrounds to romp around. First, and foremost was my glorious and delightful editor, Sara Marian (check out the interview here). I already have a few more scheduled and have and even more irons in the fire.

One thing I’m finding is a lot of authors-with-blogs want posts about the Kindle Scout program, because they don’t know much about it. This has come as quite a surprise. Why does every writer on the planet not know about the KS program? Of course, I’m more than happy to share what I know (and have so far experienced) about the program. Transparency is my middle name, after all.

Not really. What kind of parent would name their son Jack Transparency Wallen? None, say I.

My call out: If you’re an author (reader, farmer, kaiju, etc.) with a blog, don’t hesitate to contact me to write about the Kindle Scout program (or my campaign). Just send an email and we’ll talk (ovah coiffee maybe even).

No numbers yet

Apparently the Kindle Scout system must have been out partying a bit too much last night, as it has yet to update the stats on a number of campaigns. So instead of numbers, I give you this.

What is it? It’s a prog rock track basked on Pi and Tau. If you’re not sure of that which the song is talking about, Tau is twice as large as Pi.

Suck it, Pi.

I’ll be back tomorrow…hopefully with real numbers to share. Until then, I hope Candy fills your dreams with sweets.