Kindle Scout Update: Day 3

This morning, while out on my run, I came up with a playlist for Suicide Station. As many of you know, music is a huge part of my life and my writing. Woven within the very fabric of my work you’ll find countless references to music. My words are a veritable homage to the bands and songs I love.

If music be the food…after all.

Thank you, Shakespeare.

So, back to the playlist. If you want to fill your head and heart with a little Suicide Station approved music, give these songs a go.

There’s a pretty good start, with something for everyone. Have a listen, why don’t you.

Now, back to the topic du jour du jour du jour du jour…ad infinitum.

By the numbers

The fourth day of the campaign bought more good numbers. And since we all love a good picture…have at you!


The most important number there is 26. That means I have 26 days left to keep the momentum going, to keep the party happ’nin’, to keep the van a rockin’. That’s 104 hours. 6,240 minutes. 374,400 seconds.

Everyone, say it with me.


I kid the fates.

I’ve reached out to a number of bloggers and have quite a few interviews and guest posts coming out. So expect to read a lot more about Suicide Station in the coming weeks.

All the cool kids are doing it/wanting it

One of the coolest things I’ve seen so far on this campaign is how many people have been reaching out to me to say how much they loved the sample and when they’d be able to read the full book. Even my wife it me up for a copy. I turned her down on principle.

I kid the wife. Kid, I say, KID!

To answer those requests, I can say this: There are 26 days left in the campaign. After the campaign is over, Amazon can take a day or two weeks to come back to me with either a YAY or NAY. If YAY, then they’ll want to put the manuscript through their normal editorial process before making the book available. If NAY, then the book will go live very shortly after (since it was already polished by my fantabulous editor, Sara Marian).

Needless to say, fear not, worst case scenario, you’ll have the book in your hands in two months. 😀

For those that haven’t had a chance to check out (and, hopefully, nominate) Suicide Station, here’s the link.

And with that said, I have some other blogs to write and a certain podcast to record.

You’re listening to…

Mu. Ha. Ha.

Bye for now, my loverlies.