Kindle Scout Update: Day 28

One day left and I’m still sticking with the idea that tomorrow will be the zero days left post that we’ve all been anxiously awaiting. I even have my cat, Bigen, at my feet shouting “1 day left!” Or he may be screaming at me that it’s time for some different food (note to self).

I’m listening to this piece of music, The Mission: Gabriel’s Oboe (played by Yo Yo Ma and composed by Ennio Morricone). It’s such a heart breaking and sweet piece of music…the kind that makes you weep that you were alive to hear such glorious sounds. As the music swells I can imagine it to be the sound reverberating off Foster Donovan’s heart the moment he lays eyes on Candy.

Or maybe I’m being too sentimental. I get that way some times.

That sentiment could be coming from the fact that my Kindle Scout campaign is coming to an end. I know, I know…you’re thinking “Are you crazy?”. I suppose I am. Yes, this was a challenging and exhausting at times…but it was also a joy. Seeing so many people talking about something new I wrote…within a genre I’ve only partially explored…gave me such a sense of pride. But it wasn’t just that pride fueling me along. I met new people, shared stories, and had the opportunity to promote something I truly believe in…Kindle Scout.

I mistakenly placed that song on repeat, so now I’m overcome with the feels. Before I start weeping into my keyboard, I’ll just show you…

The Numbers!


1 is the loneliest number.

Only 14 hours to go and I’ll break that 500 mark. Why 500? I have no idea…it just seems like a really groovy number.


As I promised, I’ll be doing a wrap up video very soon. I will also continue to post on a regular basis (as this campaign has reminded me how much I enjoy blogging).

Thank you to everyone, for all you have done to help make the Suicide Station campaign go viral. It means the world to me that you have faith in me and my work.