Kindle Scout Update: Day 24

If I keep staring at my Kindle Scout campaign, long and hard enough, I just know that magic will happen! I can click my ruby slippers together and I’ll be transported to the final day and can breathe a much-needed sigh of relief. But, to be honest, I’m going to miss the daily grind, the creating new graphic images, coming up with new tag lines, and just generally promoting a story I truly love.

The good news? One way or another, Suicide Station will get published and everyone will be able to finally enjoy the full story. I can continue promoting it…but also move on to promoting my next work (a cyberpunk thriller titled “Lament”), finishing up the first draft of a new series, “Punk Ass Punk”, and figuring out what I’ll be writing next.

But I have to say this…no matter how exhausting I have found the Kindle Scout campaign to be, it’s been worth every single moment. I was speaking to a group of writers last night (who I also consider good friends), one of which asked me just how hard the Kindle Scout campaign was. My answer?

Imagine your entire writing career crammed into thirty days.

A member of the discussion (someone who’d┬árecently won a contract through Kindle Scout) agreed with my assertion. But, as I said, it is worth every second. Not only are you promoting the hell out of your work, you’re learning so much about the art of promotion (and even some new tools of the trade), and making connections you wouldn’t normally have made. So far I’ve had a lot of new readers (those who have checked out my Suicide Station campaign) buy books from my back catalog.

Benefits abound.

What do you want now? Oh, you want…


ks_day_24So close to that 400 hour mark. I’d love to dream big and hit the 500 mark on Hot & Trending. To do that, I’d have to average 20.2 hours per day for the remainder of my campaign. Won’t you help me make that happen? ­čśë If you’d like to help get Suicide Station at the 500 hour mark, all you have to do is head over to the campaign page, read the sample, and (if you feel it worthy) click Nominate Me. Once you’ve done that…share this baby out to EVERYONE you know. Let’s make the last five days of this campaign magic.

Remember, if the book is awarded a contract, and you nominated it…you’ll get a free ebook copy of Suicide Station!

Thank you, everyone. You’ve helped to make this ride a lot less bumpy and lot more joyous.