Kindle Scout Update: Day 23

Funny how things work. No matter how much you want to believe it, there’s very little we have control over. Life is finite, success is relative. One minute you’re there…the next you’re not. Fleeting is the name of the game.

I was chatting with a dear friend of mine today about, oddly enough, the afterlife. That is very clearly a central point of my Kindle Scout entry, Suicide Station. I’m going to confess something here…something important (at least on the grand scale of “Jack”). The afterlife, to me, is simple: You leave behind enough positive memories such that the idea of “you” goes on well beyond your life. People recall moments they’ve shared with you fondly; people pass on your truth; people remember that which made your existence a gift to them.

That dear friend knew my father well. And we spoke today of how, when my father passed away last year, he left behind so much that was positive. I carry that idea with me every day and it helped to guide me as I wrote Suicide Station.

And, yes, people have asked…and I will answer.

This book isn’t about suicide. Although I’ve had plenty of people within my reach attempt to take their own lives, this story does not directly deal with suicide. Instead, it is a celebration of how love can and will find you, even in the most unlikely of places. Suicide Station is about the resilience of the human condition and how our truth defines us in ways we don’t always understand. It’s an affirmation of what makes love an almost immovable, unrelenting force…be it for someone, some place, some time, or even some thing.

I’ve spent so much time discussing the campaign and how it has effected me, it was nice to pull back and remind myself of how I was touched in the process of writing Suicide Station. I was reminded of how profound connection – to one another, to ourselves – can be.

To all of you for which I hold dear, thank you for being a part of my life. I hope I, in turn, bring you the kind of joy and peace you bring to me. And I hope Suicide Station can bring you assurance that love is there…for everyone.



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