Kindle Scout Update: Day 21

First there was Cyberpunk. Then came Steampunk. Now, I give unto you…


That’s right…where romance, comedy, and cool collide in a paranormal, afterlife landscape.

You heard it hear first.

That’s one of the beauties of being your own boss, your own agent, your own “publisher”. I call the shots, I define the rules, I make up the game as I go along. And with Suicide Station, I decided to give romance a swift kick in the hinder.

At the beginning of this year, I promised my fanbase that I was going to redefine things. Originally, I thought I was going to bring to light a new genre called “Horrorpunk”. That reworking of horror took a back seat to my decision to give the romance genre a reboot. And since Hollywood can live in a constant state of “reboot”, why can’t I?

And so, I rebooted romance.

That is, of course, not to say the genre was broken. It’s not. What I wanted to accomplish was to come to the genre and make it my own. Why? Because I feel like I bring a very unique voice to the dark, twisty fiction I write and I wasn’t about to give that up in order to simply dive into the waters of love. I wanted to make something new, to re-invent a genre beloved by millions. I wanted to make it real in the best possible way.

And so…I “punked” it.

This isn’t about “pranking”, or the modern sense of the word. This is very much in line with what William Gibson did when he weaved a blanket of hipness over technology in his ground-breaking novel, “Neuromancer”. So yeah, I’m going to be so brash and bold as to say I am doing to romance what Gibson did to science fiction.

Suck on that, old school.


We get it, punk! How’s about some numbers? I’d love to show off a majestic display of numbers so great it would send you weeping with joy into a field of flowers, singing the theme tune to New Girl. Your mascara would run past your cheeks and you’d smear your lipstick as you blew kisses to the sky.

Hey girl…whatcha doin’?

Well, my current numbers won’t do that for you. Have a glance:

ks_day_21“Weak” three. C’est la vie.

Are you ready for a strong push for the final week? It’s coming up…about…right…NOW!


With these last seven days of my campaign, I would be so grateful if you’d share the Suicide Station Kindle Scout page out to everyone you know. Make RomPunk go viral!