Kindle Scout Update: Day 18

It’s Easter Sunday and me and the wife spent much of the afternoon cleaning out the garage. With the beautiful weather, I really wanted to be out for a run, but that garage. Hoo boy. It was a mess. It never ceases to amaze me what can collect over a single Winter…all of which needs to be chucked come Spring.

A metaphor, wouldn’t you say?

We are collectors of stuff, be they tangible or not, and sometimes jettisoning said stuff can be a challenge.

Such as old ideas.


Consider this: At one point (around three or four years ago), Facebook was a true boon to indie artists of all ilk. We could create something (be it books, music, paintings, etc) and share said creation on Facebook…knowing everyone would see it. We could create unique posts to generate an interest in, more importantly, ourselves. The idea was simple — you get someone interested in you and they would, by association, be interested in your work.

That was then. This is oh wow! Facebook is no longer the wonderful promotional tool it once was. Now organic reach challenges our ability to actually connect with those that want to stay in the know; it “jails” those for putting too much time into promotion (especially promoting in the wrong locations); and it’s become super-saturated to the point that everyone is shilling everything every day.

Even still, we go about our business, hoping with each post maybe even one new person will see and become interested.

Imagine what Kindle Scout would have been like four or five years ago? You could do a single daily post (or even a weekly post), generate hundreds or thousands of nominations, and move on with the business of your day. Now? Not so much.

I’m not complaining. Honestly. I get it…Facebook has to keep the lights on as well. And so, they have to create ad revenue…but we all know the typical ad revenue stream doesn’t work nearly as well as it once did. That’s where boosted posts and the like come in.

I’ve noticed, during my Kindle Scout campaign, my average weekly post reach has gone from the hundreds or low thousands to anywhere between 5k and 10k. That’s a significant increase in such a short time. Part of that is the Facebook ads I created and part is simply getting a much wider reach, due to hopping into the massively popular genre of romance.

Even though this third week has been a challenge to my sanity, I’ve survived. There’s yet to be a day when Suicide Station wasn’t on the Hot & Trending list at least for a few hours (I consider that a win…regardless).

Hopefully, I didn’t just jinx myself for today. 😉


You want numbers? Pow, kablamo! Numbers.


Drawing closer to that 2k page view mark. Sweet. As for my internal/external ratio, I’m now at 38/62. Come on, lil’ ratio…you can do it! Go, go, go!

Keep on keepin’ on

Just a little over a week left. I can make it. Once it’s over, I’d love to think I could take a deep breath and relax. However, I know the few days after the campaign is over will be a gut-wrenching period. Until Amazon sends me that email with the Yay or the Nay, I’ll be sweating it.

Until then, you can keep on spreading the word and I will keep on being so very grateful.

Suicide Station

Hell yeah!